The monument belonged to Malek al- Tojjar family of Yazd now is a luxurious five-star hotel named Yazd Malek al-Tojjar Hotel with the preservation of its historic originality. This hotel receives the guests and travelers of Yazd with complete facilities in a beautiful environment reminding the history of Iran.

The indoor decorations of this building are one of the masterpieces of Qajar Period. The traditional hotel of Malek al-Tojjar in Yazd is a unique hotel due to its Yazd original architecture and closeness to the city center and bazaar. The painter of its decorations is an artist from Shiraz. Therefore, its decorations are stylistically similar to Naranjestan in Shiraz.

  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor restaurant
  • Traditional Restaurant
  • Shopping center
  • Green Space
  • Wireless Internet
  • Sailing
  • Library
  • Satellite TV
  • Prayer Room