The historic city of Yazd of Iran History was added to the World Heritage List after being approved by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, as the twenty-second World Heritage List of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At a meeting in Krakow, Poland, from 2,270 hectares the city in total, about 700 hectares of the old texture of Yazd was registered on the World Heritage List.

The historic city of Yazd is currently the only residential city in Iran that has won this title.  And one of the amazing Iran Tourism Attractions. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that the city of Yazd is the largest old brick residential city in the world. The description of this global record states that the role of the Dowlatabad Garden has not been affected in this regard because the Garden of Dowlatabad is one of 9 Iranian Gardens registered in the Iranian Garden of Heritage.

The official website of the UNESCO website states that the city, as certified by the experts, is well utilizing limited resources for survival in the heart of the desert; One reason to have an Iran Tour. The aqueduct system, mosques, baths, markets, traditional houses, Zoroastrian temples, old gardens and the traditional texture of this city, represent the only desert reality, namely overcoming limited resources.

Why Yazd was selected as the UNESCO World Heritage Site?

In one of the books of the famous “Lonely Planet“, which most tourists use, “Yazd city with its unique tourism features for  Iran Travelling ,  wind turbines and old brick houses without any mention of it is one of the most interesting and interesting destinations.” On a visit to Iran, this city, with the separation of the northern plain of the Kavir desert and the southern part of the Lut plain, has been able to accommodate the oldest civilization, here is the origin of the largest Zoroastrian community in Iran, the combination of an ancient desert city and a legacy derived from The companionship of different religions has provided a very different and, of course, relaxed atmosphere to Yazd The sticks of the tree’s streets have not been damaged, but somehow resolved in existing texture. It has always been known as a large textile center, because silk and other textiles even before the Marcopolo trip (late in the 13th century) The Silk Road was also known in the world, while Yazd is also renowned for its wind turbines, and wind farms are elevated mansions designed to cool the air in this desert region. ”

Yazd is an asleep city in the heart of the Iranian desert, which has been changing its face for many years and yet the smell of tradition and history comes from all sides. Yazd city is the center of Yazd in the center of Iran. This city is located between Shirkouh and Kharanagh areas and in the vast plain named Yazd-Ardakan.

The old city of Yazd is originally one of the oldest cities on the earth. Almost all the historical and ancient texture of Yazd city is made up of bricks that have been dusted in the sunshine. The result of this architecture is the horizontal line below which brownish buildings, including high-rise winds, which disturbs the monotony and looks forward to the future, they can be seen.

Jamee Mosque is one of the characteristics of tourism in Yazd, whose prevalent presence in the city architecture is well felt. The construction dates back to the 12th century. In the courtyard of this mosque is a path that is said to lead to Ghanat Zarj.  Sayyid Roknedin section with its blue dome can be seen from every high point in the city.

The Lari House, which dates back to 150 years ago, is another tourist attraction in Yazd. The famous alexander Prison, once it was a school, is another famous attraction of the city.

The Amir Chakhmaq collection in the same name is one of the few monuments in ancient and historic cities that can be said to be a symbol of all the historical, religious and artistic features of this beautiful and lovely city.

The Dowlat Abad Garden, once belonging to Karim Khan Zand, dates back to the 18th century. The wind tower of this garden is basically the largest windrow of the city, and the interior of the garden is also very beautiful. In addition to all these unique architectural masterpieces, it is possible to mention special collections, including the fire temple and the famous khamooshan tower of Yazd, which are in their own right without rivals.

Yazd is a unique city, with its ancient alleys and neighborhoods, anyone who interests in discovering new feelings. A city that can always be the best place to feel the antecedents’ lifestyle by walking through enclosed alleys, the alleys which make safe from the sunshine and enjoyable the moment of walking in the history.