Tabriz one of the most beautiful city of Iran History that attracts many tourists for its historical and amazing buildings.

 Tabriz Bazaar or Market is one of Iran Tourism Attractions and the largest indoor markets in Asia and the world.

In the past, European traders have traveled to the Tabriz market after crossing the main cities and markets of Turkey.

The Tabriz market is an interconnected and roof-topped complex, with a length and length of one kilometer the largest market in its kind in the world. This market was registered in the 1974 solar calendar.

This wonderful market was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010 due to its special features.

The exact details of the time and date of the construction of this complex are unclear, and we know just all the information that many tourists (from the 4th century AH to the Qajar period) who have mentioned about it.

The city of Tabriz, like many other cities in Iran, is on the Silk Road, and the daily passage of thousands of caravans from various Asian, African and European countries has made Tabriz and its market a great boom.

If Tabriz City Center is considered as a quadrangle, the Tabriz market is located in the center of this four-sided.

The Tabriz market consists of about 5500 chambers, shops and stores, 40 different kinds of jobs, 35 Sara, 25 Tymcheh, 30 mosques and 20 orders, 11 dormitories, 5 bathrooms and 12 schools!

The Tabriz market from the east to the capital of Ali-Qapu and from the west to the Jam-e mosque, from the north, includes parts of the Mehran River and there are wooden bridges along the ridge of the market.

The main texture of the Tabriz market consists of two orders connecting the north to the south and east of the market to the west.

The Tabriz market consists of the following internal and external sections:

1- Market order

The main element of the market   can be called its main and secondary branches, which in the past stretched from the gates to the main square and the mosque Jam-ea. In the big Tabriz market you can count more than 20 orders.

2- Tabriz Market Exhibitions

If you know the components of the market, you know that the yards are smaller than the caravanseras, called market exhibitions that in Persian named Sara.

3- Tabriz markets or in Persian Tymcheh

This part of great Tabriz Market from the point of view of their usage are divided into four sections:

1-Public space special for warehousing of goods.

2- Basement for storing goods.

3- Ground shops that are for trading.

4- The top of the Tymcheh, which in the past was a restroom for nonlocal businessmen to rest during their staying in Tabriz.

4-Tabriz market corridors

In the entrance section of some of the large castles, there is a very beautiful and magnificent dome space called the corridor.

5-Small markets in Tabriz market

The bazaar of Tabriz is composed of small markets and markets that are adjoining  to each other and are specific to certain goods or commodities.

Outdoor Market

Now, however, it’s worth turning out to the outside of the Tabriz market that includes the caravansaries:


Certainly caravansaries are a familiar name for most people. In the past, the traders  first went into their caravansaries with their horses or camels and loaded the loads and packages which their target were markets , and then the porters transported goods to the houses and warehouses without the aid of the  animals .

The caravansaries have greenery spaces with beautiful flower small gardens and usually have pools, ponds and water storage facilities. Other facilities at the inn include a number of storerooms and rooms for accommodation.