Along Travel to Iran many historic monuments exist on the north and northwest of Iran which all are parts of Iran History such as Armenian Monastic Ensembles.

“Ghare Church is the historical church name in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran. The church is located 20 km northeast of Chaldoran next to a village of the same name. Nowadays this church is one of the most interesting Iran Tourism Attractions.

Due to the unique features of this church and because of the preservation of the oldest and most prominent Armenian architectural symbols of the world, it was registered on July 7, 2008, July 7, 2008 at UNESCO.

The “Ghare Church” collection includes three major churches called “Ghare Church” or “St. Tad’eus”, “St. Stephen” and “Dezor” as the ninth most historic monument of Iran History in the thirty-second  World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO World Register.

Throughout the years, the church has been a long-standing coldness and warmth of the times and has been raped and looted by the authorities over and over again.

Wars that have caused wounds on the body of the building in various historical periods such as the Ilkhani, Safavid dynasties of Iran History , and the wars that occurred between the Persians and the Ottomans in the area.

As now there are still bullet-proof effects on the walls of this building. The holy building also survived the natural disasters such as the earthquakes, storms, and floods then, after its destruction, has also managed to attract the Christians.

The black section of the church has a few decorations, and in fact, in the rebuilding of “Bishop Zakaria”. He has made some geometric designs on a dowel of the old or black church with a number of white stone.

But in front of this, the white section decorates the black section of the decorations in order to master the decorations of a monument in the church to be created.


These decorations are very exquisite because their gems are all calcareous and easy to cut and bulk. Even in its place it can be considered unique in the world. Due to this unique decoration it is one of the Iran Attractions.

The flowers of many shrubs along with the figures of the Christian apostles and even of Jesus Christ and Mary are among the images that are visible in this church.

Interestingly, in the part of these decorations, you can also see the stories from the Shahnameh that have been illustrated.