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Travel Guide To Tabriz

In Iran travel, one of the best Iran Tourism Attractions is Tabriz city.

In Iran travel, one of the best Iran  Tourism Attractions is Tabriz city.

Tabriz is as one of the metropolitan cities of Iran, the Azeri language city of Iran and the center of the East Azarbaijan province.

Tabriz city was chosen as one of the capitals of tourism in Iran under the title Tabriz 2018. From now, Tabriz is ready to provide various tourist services to those who travel to this beautiful city 24 hour a day.

Weather in Tabriz city

Typically, the average temperature of Tabriz city air temperature in the warmest month of the year, July is 25 ° C or higher or lower. Also, in the coldest months of the year, the temperature of this city is minus 2 ° to 5 ° C.

In general, the climate of Tabriz is steep and dry.  Travel to Iran include travel to Tabriz one of the popular destination for travelling in the summer. The weather of this city are warm and dry in summer and in winter it has a cool climate. 

Best time to travel to Tabriz

But with all these descriptions of the weather of Tabriz, whenever you go to Tabriz, this city is beautiful and desirable, but in the end we suggest that you should see Tabriz in the summer, especially in the month of September.

In Iran travel, one of the best Iran Tourism Attractions is Tabriz city.

Life in Tabriz

During Iran Travelling we see that Tabriz is a city of Iran History which has many monuments and many Iran Tourism Attractions.  Tabriz is located in the west of the East Azarbaijan province and at the end of the eastern and southeast parts of Tabriz plain.

From the north east to the creeping mountains and Baba Baghi, from the east to the end of the hill and from the south to the slopes of the Sahand mountain range.

Tabriz is bounded from the north, south, and east to the mountains and from the west to the plain and dense fields, also known as Aji Chai, which is a relatively large hill or a mountain plain.

The height of the city from the sea level is 1348 meters. It also varies in the Marand route to 1561 meters in the Zafarrani neighborhood and the general slope of Tabriz lands towards the center of the city and then to the west.

Tabriz city, which is also known as the largest economic pole in the northwest of Iran, has a population of more than 1.5 million people.

In Iran travel, one of the best Iran Tourism Attractions is Tabriz city.

Stay in Tabriz

To stay in Tabriz, you can choose from many choices, because it is a perfect place for guests and newcomers to come to this city. From the hotel or motels, to medium-welfare apartments to 5-star luxury hotels.

As you know, the cost of staying in the hotel is a large part of the cost of a trip, but you can find a range of reasonable and suitable options for staying in Tabriz.

Among the stylish hotels and the most expensive Tabriz hotels, we can point to Laleh Park Kaya, one of the most beautiful and at the same time the most luxurious and expensive hotels not only in Tabriz, but also in Iran.

Among other hotels in Tabriz, we can mention Tabriz International Hotel, Expand Hotel, Apartment Improvement Hotel, Elli Goli Hotel, Old Hotel in Iran, Sahand Hotel, Welcome Apartment Hotel, Petrochemical Hotel and Shahriar Hotel in Tabriz.

In the next tour guide to Tabriz, we will mention some good hotels in this spectacular city.

Eating and food in the city of Tabriz

The other Iran Attractions is the food of Iran special Tabriz traditional food .What we say is a little bit of the famous and delicious Tabriz foods that all of Iran has eaten and recognized. In general, the cost of each meal on a trip to Tabriz is between $ 3 and $ 10.


Suggested Restaurants in Tabriz

Traditional Shahriar Restaurant

This restaurant has been opened in one of Tabriz's historic attractions - Noor Bath. All the staff of the restaurant serve traditional Azeri clothes.

The restaurant serves traditional Iranian cuisine. The restaurant is located on Imam Khomeini Street and almost overlooking the city.


Gazmakht Restaurant

The Bakery Restaurant is one of the traditional and fast food combinations in Tabriz. The Persian Gazmakht means the bottom of the pot, and the cuisine of this restaurant is all served with the dishes that have a great taste.

To go to this restaurant in Tabriz you can go to Valiasr Cove, at the end of Shariati Street, northern side of Baharestan Square, 10 meters high.

food Kurt Laleh Park

Laleh Park, one of the largest shopping centers in Tabriz, its last floor has restaurants. There are several restaurants in the Kurt Laleh Park, serving a variety of cuisine from traditional Iranian cuisine to international dishes and fast food.

In order to go to this Kurt food in Tabriz, you need to go to the Pasdaran Expressway, after the well-known field, the Laleh Park Complex.


Vahid Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Cafe Vahid Restaurant in Tabriz is one of the largest cafes in the city of Tabriz, which has several branches in the city and the quality of its products is in general desirable.

Here you can enjoy traditional Iranian cuisine, fast food and Turkish cuisine. To go to this restaurant and coffee shop in Tabriz, you should visit Tabriz-Zafaraniyeh - the school station - the 18-meter high street.

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