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Travel Guide To Kerman | Iran attractions | Iran history


By searching in Iran History, one of the major metropolises in Iran is Kerman. This large city is the capital of Kerman province in the east of Iran. According to the 2006 census, the population of this city was 515, 114 people.   By Traveling to Iran you notice that it is the largest and most important city in the south and south-east of Iran for its administrative, political, cultural and industrial characteristics. Due to the large urban extent and extent of the city of Kerman, the city is classified as one of the metropolises of Iran. Kerman's metropolitan area is 13, 100 hectares and has an area equivalent to the Shiraz metropolis. In Iran History Kerman is one of the first five cities in Iran.

In Iran History, due to the importance of Kerman, in several historical eras, it has been as the capital of Iran. During Iran Tour, you see that in some periods, there were several capitals at different times during the reigns and kings. The Courses that Kerman has been with other capital cities are:

Qarakhtaites: (For about 70 years, only Kerman was the capital).

Al-e -Bouyeh: along with other cities, in different periods.

Al-e Muzaffar: Kerman along with several other cities.

Zandieh: when Shiraz occupied by Qajar Aqa Mohammad Khan, Lotf Ali Khan Zand king of Zand era went to Kerman and chose this city as the capital of their kingdom that just lasted about two years.

Kerman province is the most southern province of Iran. Kerman has about 7,000 historical attractions of Iran Tourist Attractions that 700 of which are listed on the national monuments list.

This province is located between the provinces of Yazd, South Khorasan, Sistan - Baluchestan, Hormozgan, and Fars. Many historical attractions of Iran History have made the province one of the 5 historic cities. Here is a list of top tourist attractions of this province in order to guide you to visit them easily.


Kerman Vakil Bath

Kerman's Vakil bath is a magnificent building that has been influenced by the two dynasties of Iran History, Zandy-Qajar architecture. This building has two parts: bathroom cabinet or wardrobe and the heating center of bathroom. The bathhouse was built in 1280 and rebuilt in 1369.

This monument is now transformed into a traditional tea shop, a Tourism Attraction and tourists are served there with faloudeh –Kermani (a kind of ice cream), tea and a variety of drinks. You can also try the local dishes of Kerman.

Fath 'Abad Garden of Kerman

One of the other Iran Tourist Attractions is “The Fath'Abad Garden”. This amazing garden is located in the village of Ekhtiar Abad (25 km from Kerman) and belongs to the Qajar era of Iran History.

The building of Garden is the Fazl ali Khan Biglar Beigi memorial who was one of the Kerman's rulers.This amazing garden can be an unforgetable experience of your Traveling to Iran. It consists of the four-season mansions, the central mansion and the tower, and its battlement. There is a beautiful stream passes through the center of the garden makes the garden a fun and beautiful place. With its beautiful lighting, it has a unique look at night.

So note that it is a good time to visit the Fath’Abad Garden both at night and during the day. This garden is one of the largest and most diverse gardens of medicinal plants in Iran.

Ganjali khan Collection

Ganjali khan Collection in Kerman "one of the oldest Iran provinces" as one of the beautiful monuments of Iran Attractions has several various buildings that have been rebuilt since the Safavid era. This collection was created by Ganjali Khan, the ruler of the Safavid, Abbas Shah (king) founder of safavid era.The historical buildings in Ganjali khan collection were registered as the national monuments on May 26, 1347.

Ganjali Khan Bath

Ganjali Khan Square, which is in the form of a rectangle, has brought together a set of Iran Tourist Attractions in the city. This collection consists of several monuments such as Ganjali Khan Market, which is Like other traditional Iranian markets, this complex has a spectacular architecture that brings you an enjoyable experience and fascinating feeling as if you are walking through history.

The bath of this complex has also become the Museum of Anthropology in Kerman, and besides visiting the museum, the beauty of the building is also very spectacular and admirable. Ganjalikhan Mint, now is a coin museum that has put together a set of old coins from Iran History to attract enthusiasts.

Other parts of this collection include Ab -Anbar, School, Caravanserai and Ganjalikhan's Sanctuary, which you can visit. In order to visit these Iran Attractions, you should go to the old center of Kerman.

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