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Travel Guide To Fars

Persepolis, the masterpiece of Iran History

Travel Guide to Shiraz

Shiraz, a prominent Iranian city which its unique beauty has been spoken not only in Iran but also around the world. This spectacular city is located in the southeastern part of the country, and it travels to Shiraz from around the globe for its unique sightseeing attractions every year

Due to the fact that a world of different choices is in front of travelers who want to travel to this city, the patrol of the travel guide to Shiraz plans to provide an overview of the natural and historical attractions of this Iranian city as well as hotels.

And the good restaurant that is there will also provide you with a piece of information, as we travel to Shiraz, part of our Iran history.


Passing to the colorful Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz

The city of Shiraz is geographically located in the southwest of Iran surrounded by relatively hilly mountains. The one unique Iran Attractions.

The city is bordered by the west to the Drake Mountain, from the north to the Bamu, Greenwoods, Chehel Magham and Babakoohi mountains (from the Zagros Mountains).

The area of ​​Shiraz is about 240 km from Iran, and its population is 1,800,000, according to the census data in 1395.


Weather in Shiraz City

Shiraz has three climatic mountainous, temperate, warm and dry mountainous areas in its various urban areas. But if we want to say in general, the city has a moderate climate of 1486 meters above sea level, and it has favorable conditions for travel most of the year.

The average air temperature in the warmest month of the year reaches 30 ° C in Shiraz and is measured at the coldest month of the year (D) at 5 ° C.


Best time to travel to Shiraz

As we said most of the year, the trip to Shiraz has an ideal climate, but the best time to visit this city is May. This time it has the best view and best time of Iran Travelling.

This month there is no news from the crowds of Nowruz and not from the heat of July and August! So you can explore the city in the best possible conditions, and see the magnificent flower boulevards and roses of Mohammadi, most of which are the festivals to watch in Shiraz.

Stay in Shiraz

Considering that Shiraz is one of the most popular cities in Iran, there are many hotels in this city that you can choose from, such as the Karim Khan hotel in Shiraz, according to the budget and expectations of your place of residence.

If you want to go on business trips to the city of Shiraz, you can go to the cheap hotels that are located in this city. In this part of the guide to Shiraz, we will mention a few of these hotels, which will cost you a night stay. 100 thousand tomans will start.

These hotels include the traditional hotel of prayer, the Sasan Hotel, the Atlas Hotel, the Takrar Shiraz Apartments and the Kosar Hotel. In the next trip to Shiraz we will mention some nice hotels in this spectacular city.

To travel to Iran/Shiraz, you can visit the shrine of ShahCheragh

Historical Places of Shiraz City

Hafez, Tomb of Hafez

The tomb of Hafez, a poet of the eighth century, is located in Shiraz, and this place is one of the historical attractions of this city.

The tomb was built 65 years after the death of Hafiz by the then ruling minister in Shiraz and has been restored over the years. Hafezieh has two northern and southern harbors, and a tunnel of 56 meters in length and 8 meters in width between the two enclosures.

This magnificent hall has 20 stone columns with a height of 5 meters.

  Vakil Bath

Attorney's bath was constructed in the Zandieh period in the center of Shiraz, near the lawyer's market. The bathroom was made using the most advanced time architecture.

 Warm gardens are covered with stones, and there are narrow corridors underneath the paving stones to allow hot air and steam to flow and cause the floor to warm up.

 To prevent the entry of cold air into the bath, the entrance door is tiny and the entrance to the dressing room is angled.

Vakil  mosque

The vakil  mosque is a mosque from the Zandieh era of Iran History, which has beautiful architecture. The mosque has two doors and two east and west nests. In the South Harbor, 48 columns are made of spiral stone, which is one of the most spectacular parts of the mosque.

Saadiya | Tomb of Saadi

Sa'diya is where Sa'di lived there at the end of his life and was buried there after death. The tomb of this great poet has a turquoise dome that is located on eight different columns, the walls of which are marble and the grave of Saadi is in the middle.

Quran Gate

By entering the city of Shiraz, the first building you see is the gate of the Koran. During the Zand dynasty, they reconstructed the gate and placed two exquisite Quran on top of it. Later, the gate was destroyed by order of Reza Khan, and years later, the Shirazi commerce again set up another gateway.

Nasir al-Malek mosque

Nasir al-Malik is one of the oldest mosques in Shiraz, located near the Shah Lighthouse. The mosque is the most valuable mosque in terms of tiling and Mogharnas. It is one of the masterpieces of Iran architecture and Iran Attractions.

The use of colored glasses in this mosque has given it the nickname of the pink mosque of Iran, when the sun shines on the colored glass of the mosque, it becomes colorful and dreamy. The mosque was built in 1293 by the Qajar Dynasty and consists of a home, mirror hall, mosque, water storage and bathroom.


Eram garden

Eram Gardens in 2011 with eight other gardens in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are several monuments and botanical gardens in this historic gardens.

 It is not clear that this garden was created in a year but according to the information obtained from various travel logbooks of the 10th and 11th centuries, this garden also existed during the Seljuk period. There are plenty of vegetarian variations in the Eram garden and there are various plants planted from all over the world.

Arg of Karim Khan

The Karim Khan Arg is located in downtown Shiraz, near the municipality square. As the name suggests, the citadel was built during the Zandieh period between 1766 and 1767 as a place for the life of Karim Khan Zand. During the Pahlavi dynasty, this place became a prison, resulting in injuries.

House of qavam

Qavam House or Narenjestan Qavam Shiraz is one of the most beautiful Iranian garden houses, which, as its name suggests, has a yard with orange trees.

The house was owned by Khandam Qavam and Hajj Ibrahim Khan, a sophomor of the Qajar era, due to their rich influences. There are many mansions and gardens from this house, but this home is fascinated by the beautiful garden and perspective.

The porch is a very beautiful mirror, mosaic, stucco and tiling. Now on the lower floor, in the vault, there is a museum of famous Professor Pup's objects.

Vakil bazaar

The lawyer's market is in the immediate vicinity of the municipality and near the Karim Khan Arg. This beautiful traditional market during the Zandieh era was built with gypsum and brick and is still the economic hub of of Iran Tourism Attractions.

Afif abad garden

This beautiful Persian garden during the Safavid period of Iran History,  was sometimes built as an outing for the Safavid kings. After that, during the Qajar period, Mirza Ali Khan Ghavamolmolk was bought and rebuilt.

Today, this Iranian garden has become a museum of gardens, and there is a museum of signs, the Museum of the Army and the Museum of Arms. The middle mansion of the garden was built by Mirza Ali Khan Qawam al-Mulk.

Iranian food

Eating food in Shiraz

Delicious food and delicious Shiraz tempts tourists to try them on their trip to this city.

On average, if you want to say the cost of eating and eating in the city of Shiraz, it costs about 40 thousand tomans for a single meal, which will increase in proportion to the number of people.

The average cost for fast food and Fudi will start from 30 thousand tomans, which varies according to the restaurant you choose.


Suggested Restaurants in Shiraz

Seven fold restaurant( haft Khan  Restaurant)

As the name suggests, it's made up of seven different sections, each of which can serve different dishes. These readers include the seventh reader, the seventh reader restaurant, the seafront restaurant, the seventh buffoon, the sixth seventh seventh seafood restaurant, the Noofel, the Juan V, the third restaurant, the Juan Barbican, the Gersyuz, the Juan XII, the 2nd Meal on the Seven Juan, the Juan III, the Fast Food Seven Juan - Bialyna, Second Floor Student - Coffee Shop, Seven Juan - Zarir, Juan I -1 - Traditional Landing Restaurant. Seventeen Jin Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the city of Shiraz and the cost of food in this restaurant starts at 50 thousand tomans.


Soufi Restaurant

The restaurant has a traditional and warm atmosphere and can be a good offer for a delicious lunch in Shiraz.

In terms of food diversity, the Sufi restaurant is very complete and can provide all kinds of tastes. In the menu of this restaurant, there are a variety of grills, fish, shrimp, and all kinds of cereals and juices.

 The catering industry has its own services for catering outside the restaurant.

Shater Abbas Restaurant

If you want to go to a restaurant where the food is good and it's worth it, the restaurant Shater Abbas can be a good option for you. Shater Abbas Restaurant Kebab is famous in Shiraz, and we suggest that you order a barbecue if you go to this restaurant.


Shirazi foods

Shiraz Plow

To prepare this delicious meal, rice, eggplant, chicken, yogurt, saffron, barberry and spice are used. This food has a lot of advocates and usually everyone is happy with its flavor.

Shirazi plum shop

Potato, onion, tomato, turmeric   and spice are used to make this meal. First boil and crush the potatoes, then combine it with pineapple, tomato and sauce. This bake is easy and is one of the most popular foods in Shiraz.

 Koofteh Hoolo Shirazi

The peppercorn is from other locals in Shiraz, which you will not find elsewhere. Stuffed meat, chickpea flour, eggs, onions, carrots or nuggets make up the raw material.

Ab piaze or Eshkeneh  Shirazi

Eshkeneh is a food that is cooked throughout Iran, but everywhere differently. Shirazi is a local cuisine of Shiraz, and the old ones of the city still make it. In the preparation of this meal, they use onions, eggs, fenugreek, dry mint, salt and turmeric.

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