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Trains in Iran | Train ticket

Iran train tours is very common in Iran and there are railway to more of cities of Iran

Trains In Iran

During Iran Travelling, Which cities can I travel to by trains?

As you know, train travel in Iran has a long history. Travel by train is one of the most popular travel vehicles in Iran.

Currently, all provinces of the country have railroads and there is no train travel in only 11 provinces of the country. Continue with us to get to know more about the destinations and the domestic travel in Iran Tourism Attractions.

 History of the arrival of the Train to Iran

In the past, Iran was always in conflict between colonial superpowers, and the entry of any new technology into the country had numerous problems:

The people’s fears of dealing with new technologies and the trickery of courtiers and foreign agents, and one thousand other problems, all of which involved rail and rail entry to Iran.

Honestly, the use of train and ticket purchase in the past was not as popular as today, and train travel has gone a long way to gaining popularity.

The world’s first locomotive was built in 1825 and quickly became world-class, and as the newest technology of the day, it created a huge transport transformation.

The trains were originally used only for carrying cargo. With their applications and their importance in high volume shipping, they soon showed their value to passengers, and thus entered to the transportation sector.

At the arrival of the train to Iran, the British were the first to present the idea of ​​constructing an Ankara train to Bandar Abbas and intend to build it.

Of course, under the circumstances of the time of Nasir al-Din Shah and the many claimants for the construction of the train, finally French Monsieur Boatal contracted the construction of Iran’s railways, and the first Iranian route from Tehran to  shrine of   “shah Abdul Azim “ was constructed. And it became   one part of Iran History.

The Tehran-Shahr-e Rey Railroad opened the railway tracks to Iran.

In the following years, the railway was drawn along the route of Bushehr-Borazjan and Tabriz-Jolfa, as well as Mirjaveh–Zahedan. And by the year 1306, when the national railway was built. Now it is one of the Iran Attractions.

Over time, with the construction of the pre- and post-revolutionary events, Iran now has a total of 13437 km of railways.

Which Iranian cities can I travel by train? Table of trains for domestic trains

Currently, the train route is available to all the provinces of the country, except for a few of them, and there are several cities on the train path and have created beautiful scenery.

As you know, train travel is one of the safest and, at the same time, the cheapest travel tools in the world, and this is one of the reasons for the popularity of the train.

There are some provinces such as Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces, Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Hamedan, Ilam, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Ardebil, Gilan, southern and northern Khorasan have not yet been connected to the country’s rail way transportation system.

According to the promise of the authorities in the provinces of Kermanshah, Hamadan, Ardebil and Guilan, already are under construction and, they will recently be connected to the railroads.

Train ticket

Each person needs a ticket for a train trip that is controlled in several steps before the boarding by staff of the railway lines.

On the ticket sheet, personal information and seat and seat number are written. According to this information, before arriving to the train, staff located in front of the entrance doors will guide you to board the correct train door.

Train tickets can be purchased online from reputable sites or licensed agencies, and if you do not know about railways and railroads, get basic tips from the employees of these companies.

Refer to valid agencies to buy tickets and ask them to provide explanations about the information posted on the ticket so that you do not find it difficult to find the train you are looking for. Or go directly to the travel companies’ sites and buy tickets online.

Tips on Refunding a Train Ticket

In case of missing your ticket, you can call the railway company’s exporter at 45 minutes before traveling and make a replenishment ticket. Note that if the replica disappears, there is no possibility to retrieve the train ticket.

During your Travel to Iran, if you intend to travel two trains consecutively and the first train is delayed for more than three hours because of unnatural events, so that you will miss the next train, the payment paid for your second trip will be fully paid. To be

If the ticket is issued in your name and on the way, if the train is in trouble, you can apply for 50% of the ticket price after deducting the passenger service, which is paid at least one month later.