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Health Tourism or Medical Tourism

What is Health Tourism or Medical Tourism?

Health tourism is defined as traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment in another country .One reason that people travel abroad is lack of treatment methods in the home country. Moreover, in some cases traveling abroad to obtain treatment is more economical. Since medical treatment in Iran is low in price as it is compared to other western countries and high-quality medical services are provided in Iran.   All medical services provided to international patients are different form normal services in the hospital and VIP medical services are provided.

We will support patients since their arrival. This companionship starts at airport and it will continue during the time the patients are in hospital. After finishing the diagnosis and treatment steps, transferring procedures are predicted for the patient and his/her family or friends. If you need food, clothing or a special thing, inform the IPD expert. He/she will help you to feel comfort during your hospital stay. Doctors, care workers and nurses work in this ward and they will teach you necessary treatment methods to speed your recovery. Therefore, after returning to your home country you will be able to follow your treatment plan. After completing your treatment and spending time for recovery, final clinical examinations will be done and in case of need, a comprehensive schedule will be provided to determine you next referrals.

We aim to make a memorable travel for international patients. By providing interesting tours   to introduce tourism attractions of Iran, especially Fars Province and through this, patients will have unique memories of their journey to Iran meanwhile they receive health recovery services.

Three major advantages of medical tourism in Iran are affordable price, high quality of care and immediate access to world-class treatment. The major benefit offered by Iran is significant savings compared to other countries. Many procedures cost 50% to 70% less than the same treatment in EU.

We are providing our patients with coordinated multi-disciplinary care, high quality clinical outcomes, access to leading edge technology and clinical trials, cost-efficient care.

Iran is one of the richest destinations in the world and now also one of the top destinations for medical tourists. Iran’s private hospitals offer the most advanced medical treatments and technology available in the world today. Besides being technologically advanced medical infrastructure, Iran is a leading healthcare tourism destination with many advantages.

The main reasons for choosing Iran as a medical destination are:

Accredited and well-equipped Hospitals

High quality of health services

Competitive prices

Hospitality and culture