During Iran Tour and among Iran Monuments while walking along the Kerman Bazaar in the middle of it, the Vakil bath is located. It was built by Vakilolmolk (Ismail Khan Noori), the ruler of the Qajar era of Kerman.  This bath was built in the style of the Ganjalikhan bathhouse.

This building is one of the historical attractions, traditional and ancient baths of Kerman  that show the other part of Iran History , This example of  Iran Tourism Attractions was made of ceramic tiles from the floor to the wall and divided into two sections; the Rakhtkan (dressing room) and Garmkhaneh ( the place of heating ). In the bathroom, has beautiful stone pillars, as well as a large pond in the hangar and its heating house.  In the small ponds on the sides of this bath there are some carvings which are very magnificent.

The old-fashioned Vakil bath house or a modern-day tea house is, the first part of Vakil complex. This magnificent and influential architectural monument was built in style of the Qajar dynasty in 1270.

The head of this bathroom was renovated in the style of architecture in the year of 69 and the building is directly linked to the Kerman market.

Nowadays this historic bathhouse is used as a traditional cafe.  The guests and tourists are hosted by traditional Kermani faloudeh (kind of ice cream), Persian music and tea.

The heating place (Garmkhaneh) part of old bathhouse is now used as a restaurant for offering local dishes.