Along visiting places through Iran Tour, you will notice one interesting city, Yazd in Iran which has many wonderful historical sites that are not forgotten. One of these masterpieces is “The Alexander’s Prison or Ziayeh School” which should visit during Travel to Iran.

Alexander’s prison is one of the historical works of Iran History in Yazd city which was built in 631 AH with the help of Sir” Sharaf al-Din Ali Razi “and was completed in 705 AH by his son “Zia Ad-Din Hussein”.

Among the sections of the building, there is a well with a diameter of about 2 meters in the middle of the yard of the school, which leads into a chamber to a depth of about 5 meters leads to the bottom of the old pond, which is one of the remains of the original building.

The architecture of the” Ziayieh School or Alexander’s prison” can be considered as characteristic of the Mughal Age. There are no tile decorations in this building, and only the remains of that clay have been erected. This  special characteristic made this place as one of the Iran Tourism Attractions which attracts many tourists from all over the world every year.

Ziayieh school or alexander’s prison was built in two stages. First, the dome of the old house was built at the same time as the Mongol invasion of the tomb, and really, there was not the school. And one hundred years later, in the early eighth century, the first creator’s grandson built the school next to it and He also opens the door of this building to school.

There is also a teacher’s house here, a small part of it is still clear. Contrary to “Ibrahim Khan’s instructor’s home” from inside the school, a teacher’s house can be found at this place from the same podium.

In between the two sides, in front of the chambers, there are four taller porches that have four porches.

The dome of this entirely constructed completely of raw clay. And it was decorated with gilded paintings with golden and azure paintings, which already some part of it has been remained on white plaster.

The length of each side of the four walls of the dome is 8.8 meters, the height of the tomb is 18 meters and the gap is 9.5 meters.

Unfortunately, the inscriptions of the four walls inside the dome have not left much effect.

There are some narratives about this building in Iran History, dating back to the time of Macedonian invasion of Iran, which was used as a prison facility, which later changed its use and was used as a school.

Ziayieh school or Alexander’s prison is located in the neighborhood of Fahadan and next to the tomb of twelve Imams.