The Mashhad Pars Hotel is located in a lush and quiet area. The hotel is not only a comfortable vacation destination, but also a fascinating travel destination. story The activity started in 2003. In 2009, a traditional restaurant, a Persian teahouse and a children’s playground were built on the shores of the lake to make guests more comfortable. The total number of rooms is 277. It offers a large number of rooms and suites to its guests. Mashhad Pars Hotel Amenities The hotel has excellent facilities. Includes a barber shop and a bank. There is also a mall. You can play squash games and pamper yourself in the hot tub or sauna. There is also a tea room, a traditional restaurant, a banquet hall and a cafe. Tourists will love the free shuttle service to Imam Reza Shrine. Most importantly, the Mashhad Pars Hotel has an artificial lake. Sports Facility The hotel has a gym, swimming pool, spa, tennis courts, pool room and squash court. Boating and fishing are also available at the Mashhad Pars Hotel. room facilities Each room is air-conditioned. A refrigerator and hairdryer are also provided. travelers looking for a place to rest will love the extensive amenities offered by this hotel. With 24-hour room service, you can enjoy your meal anytime, day or night. There is also a radio, satellite TV, bathroom and telephone. If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Mashad, the Mashad Pars Hotel is for you.