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the village of Abyaneh is one of the historic villages of Iran that houses works from the Sassanid era to the present. There are some unequal attributions, the unique temples of “Helpack”, the main mosque with the unique Seljuk mihrabs, and the houses in harmony with the climate and the mountains. The Sassanid Pahlavi scripts can be found in everyday conversations and in the clothes of villagers who have taken root in the olden days. Abyaneh is located at the foot of Mt. Carcass, 70 km southeast of Kashan in Isfahan Province, Iran. The old village is a jumble of crumbling sun-dried houses with narrow, sloping streets and fragile wooden balconies clinging to lattice windows and slopes. The terrain around Abyaneh contains iron oxide and has a reddish color. The house is made of sun-dried bricks, so it has the same color as the rocks above the village.