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Cultural Landscape of Maymand

Before we begin with the cultural landscape of Maymand, we need to get to know its background. Maymand village is a tangible cultural heritage of Iranians in UNESCO List and one of the earliest human settlements. It has retained its cultural, natural, and historical structure as one of the world’s most beautiful villages. This 12000-year-old village is located among Rafsanjan, Shahr-e Babak, Anar, and Sirjan towns in Kerman Province. It still has quite reliable strongholds.

Maymand is an ancient rock village enlisted in Iran’s national heritage sites. Also, UNESCO has inscribed it as an Iranian tangible cultural heritage. When you look more closely at the village, you can see its dazzling fortress, tower, and gorgeous houses dispersed in different directions. That is why such a cultural landscape has turned into a tourist attraction.

The remnants of the ancient inhabitants of this village are:


10000-year-old carvings, and

6000-year-old potteries

It should be noted that there are several inscriptions in this village. However, here is the translation of part of it:
“When Maymand mountains crack and their legends come true, a treasure will be disclosed, which will be only within the reach of the one who comes from the Sun.”

This village is registered as UNESCO world heritage site in 2015.