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Golestan province is one of the northern provinces of Iran one of the best Iran Tourism Attractions

Gorgan, formerly Aster Abad, city, capital of Golestan province, north-central Iran. It is situated along a small tributary of the Qareh River, 23 miles (37 km) from the Caspian Sea. The city, in existence since Achaemenian times, long suffered from inroads of the Turkmen tribes who occupied the plain north of the Qareh River and was subjected to incessant Qajar-Turkmen tribal conflicts in the 19th century. It was renamed Gorgan in the 1930s after being devastated by an earthquake. Articles of trade include cereals, soap, and carpets. In modern times the plain around Gorgan has become a flourishing granary. Based on the 2016 Iranian census, the population of this city was 350,676 people.

Agriculture, husbandry, and industries related to agriculture form a part of the economy of Gorgan. There is one of the oldest factories of silk in the city.

The original city of Gorgan, which was known as Verkana in Old Persian and Hyrcania in Greek sources later came to be known as Aster Abad until 1937. The city was an important cultural and trade center in northern Iran, but was destroyed during the 13t century Mongol invasion.

The city, which is the birth place of Agha Mohammad Khan (1742-1797), the founder of the Qajar dynasty (1785-1925), flourished under the Qajar’s and was given the nickname “City of the pious.” Agha Mohammad Khan even built himself a palace in the city.

Gorgan has several historical and natural attractions as well as museums. Some of these sites include the Jame Mosque of Gorgan, the scenic Ziarat Village and its thermal spring and the Ziarat Waterfall, Alang Darreh Forest Park, Hezarpich Heights, Gorgan Museum which houses finds from Tureng Tepe and other archeological sites in the area, and a Handicrafts Museum.

Gorgan is also known for its daily local markets where Turkmen nomads sell their handicrafts such as woolen carpets, silk textiles and handmade jewelry.

Ziarat Village of Gorgan

This village is a good choice for having a neat and cozy trip. It also gives you a different experience of the excursion. Imamzadeh (Shrine) of Ziarat Village, eye-catching nature, kind local people, rare landscapes, rural houses, and camping opportunities in this amazing area make Ziarat Village a favorable destination for tourists.

The distance between Ziarat Village and Gorgan City is 7 kilometers. It is in fact at the end of a boulevard beginning in the city and continuing toward the forests. Along the road, Golestan tourist attractions appear in the form of natural beauty and more.

Naharkhoran Forest Park

Naharkhoran Forest Park has a lush area on both sides of the road where you can go for recreation. The good climate and the lush steep slopes are the characteristics of the park. Naharkhoran Forest Park is one of the oldest promenades of Golestan Province, located 4 km south of Gorgan City.

As a matter of fact, it is at the side of the same boulevard beginning in the city. Therefore, you can easily get to one of the major Gorgan tourist attractions right outside the city.

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