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During Travel to Iran, we see The citadel of Bam or Arg-e Bam which in Iran History is the largest brick structure in the world

Bam Located on the edge of the Dashteloot Desert, ut 200abo km south of Kerman, Bam is one of the wonders of the ancient world and is important until the tragic earthquake of December 2003 destroyed most of Adve. It was a tourist attraction. A fortified city of modern oasis in Bam, as well as structures. The city dates back to at least the third straw Sassanid era. Although the city is located in such arid areas, it is supplied with groundwater that allows extensive cultivation, including dates and citrus fruits. The once prosperous city and its walled fortress Arge Bam was an important hub for the Silk Road trade route between Asia and Europe. In its glory, the city was home to 9,000 to 13,000 inhabitants, 38 towers guarding impressive walls, and an important Zoroastrian fire temple. Before the great earthquake (magnitude 6.5), there were centuries-old complete sun-dried houses, schools, mosques and baths. Bam as a living city began with the invasion of Afghanistan in the early 18th century. Restoration work on the new town around the old citadel as well as the old citadel has resumed.

Arge Bam

The ancient citadel of Arge Bam dates back to the Parthian Empire (248 BC-224 AD), about 2,000 years ago, but most of the buildings were built during the Safavid dynasty. The city was largely abandoned in 1722 by the invasion of Afghanistan. After a gradual relocation, it was abandoned for the second time due to an attack by an invader from Shiraz. Sometimes it was also used as a barracks. The modern city of Bam was founded after the old citadel. It gradually developed into an agricultural and industrial center and achieved rapid growth until the 2003 earthquake. The city is especially known for dates and citrus fruits that are irrigated by the extensive network of qanats. The city has also benefited from tourism as more and more people have visited the old citadel in recent years. Not a citadel, but a new city that grew up around it.

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