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Ahvaz or Ahwaz is a city in southwest of Iran, the capital of Khuzestan province, which is rich in oil and gas. According to the 2011 census, the population was 1,112,021. The Karun River, the only navigable river in Iran, runs through the center of the city. It has a long history dating back to the Achaemenid era. In ancient times, it was one of the main centers of the Gondi Shahpur Academy. Ahvaz is very hot in the summer. July and August are expected to be 45 degrees Celsius.

White Bridge

Eight bridges built in Karun are the main tourist attractions of Ahvaz. Some of them date back to ancient times, and one of them is the largest cable-stayed bridge in the Middle East. The most important, the white bridge was the first bridge over Karoon, built by a Swedish engineer about 80 years ago. The bridge is now considered a major symbol of the city.

Chogha Zanbil

The ruins of the Sanctuary of the Kingdom of Elam, surrounded by three huge concentric walls, are located in Chogha Zanbil. The magnificent UNESCO brick ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil, 1250 BC, is an example of the world’s best-preserved Elam architecture. Even if you’re not a fan of ancient ruins, the size of the semi-desert and the wonderful remote areas are impressive. Try to capture it in the soft golden light of late afternoon instead of the harsh noon sun. The ziggurat is illuminated at night and closed. Ziggurat was dedicated to Inshushinak, the patron saint of Scrunchie, the main deity of the Pantheon of the Elamites. At that time, the area was fertile and forested, with ziggurats built on slightly raised foundations to protect themselves from floods. The floor plan is a square with a side of 105 m, originally a five-story building, and like the adjacent Mesopotamia, concentric towers lined up vertically from the foundation were built. At the summit (now lost) was a temple accessible only to the best elites of Elamite society. The taboo still remains and you cannot climb the remaining stairs that rise in all directions.

Shushtar Historical hydraulic system

Shushtar, a historic hydraulic system carved as a masterpiece of creative genius, was discovered in the 5th century BC. It dates back to Darius III. It created two major bypass canals on the Kallang River, one of which, the Garger Canal, is now used to supply the city of Stahl through a series of tunnels that supply water to the factory. Is also used. It forms a spectacular cliff from which water flows into the downstream basin. It then reached the plains south of the city, where it became possible to plant orchards and farm on an area of 40,000 hectares. Known as Mianâb (Paradise). The property includes an ensemble of notable sites such as Salâsel Castel, a control center for the entire hydraulic system, towers for measuring water levels, dams, bridges, basins and mills.

Jewish prophet Daniel tomb

Some cities claim to be Daniel’s last resting place in the Bible, but in Iran, both Jews and Muslims have this glamorous Fusestarn Ultindome (pine-bottled tower) in this place. I agree with the indication. Pilgrims come from all over the country to kiss Zari (mesh screen) inside the golden interior of the traditionally mosaic-covered Imamzadeh (shrine). The current structure dates back to 1871, but the tradition surrounding Daniel’s relics dates back more than 1,000 years. In the Bible, Daniel makes no mention of his burial, but claims that he is famous for surviving Babylon’s Lionsden. The first accounts placing his remains in Susa (Shush) pop up around the 12th century, and proximity to the relics was thought to bring health and good fortune. With an influx of lucrative pilgrims, this caused jealousy on the part of the less fortunate on the other side of the river, so the grave was shunted back and forth between the two sides on alternate years. Eventually someone decided to lash it to the bridge in between.

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