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Iran Flights

Once you’ve decided to travel to Iran, you may need to travel between Iran cities using domestic flights in Iran. Most of cities in Iran have airports and our agency  provides you with any domestic flights you wish to use during your trip to Iran. As Iran is a vast country, air flights might be more appropriate for those who want to visit cities far from each other. Flights to different cities of Iran take place every day. In case you want to book a flight, you can let our  Agency do that for you, because lots of airlines in Iran rely on us and we are in contract with each other.

In case you have any other questions regarding domestic flights in Iran or other issues, you can talk to us through online chat or contact us by other channels.

Here you can find information about Iran domestic flights, airports and flight prices: (excel file: internal flights rates)

Domestic flights rates

Departure AirportArrival AirportPrice in EuroPrice in USD
TehranAbadan€ 79$ 107
TehranAhvaz€ 64$ 87
TehranArdabil€ 59$ 80
TehranBam€ 97$ 131
TehranBandar Abbas€ 109$ 148
TehranBandar Lengeh€ 104$ 141
TehranBirjand€ 85$ 116
TehranBojnord€ 79$ 107
TehranBushehr€ 79$ 107
TehranChabahar€ 114$ 156
TehranGorgan€ 59$ 80
TehranIlam€ 62$ 84
TehranIsfahan€ 58$ 79
TehranKerman€ 84$ 115
TehranKermanshah€ 59$ 80
TehranKhorramabad€ 59$ 80
TehranKish Island€ 105$ 143
TehranMashhad€ 80$ 109
TehranQeshm Island€ 112$ 153
TehranRasht€ 59$ 80
TehranSanandaj€ 59$ 80
TehranSari€ 59$ 80
TehranShahr-e kord€ 60$ 81
TehranShiraz€ 78$ 106
TehranTabriz€ 73$ 99
TehranUrumieh€ 73$ 99
TehranYasuj€ 73$ 99
TehranYazd€ 67$ 91
TehranZahedan€ 105$ 143

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