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Flight Ticket and Airlines in Iran

History of Airlines of Iran

The first Iranian airline, the Iranian national airline, Homa, was launched on March 5, 1963, with the merger of two airline companies Iran Airways and Persia Airways. After the establishment of the Homa Airlines, other airline companies were set up to provide air passenger services, which consist of government, private and military units.

Each of the aviation companies that were established after Huma added new facilities to the national aviation industry, and made the industry progress in Iran. Today, travelers who purchase airline tickets can choose their own flight by checking the capabilities of each of the companies.

For example, a passenger who wants to buy a Tehran airline ticket to Kish or a Kish airline ticket to Tehran can pick his plane from airlines such as Mahan, Iran Air, Kish Air, Qeshm air, Zagros, Taban, and several other companies. That is a good advantage for the traveler.

Considering the issues described, we will continue to review four prestigious domestic airline companies. In other articles, we will also introduce other airlines.


Airlines of Iran, Homa Iran Air

In introducing the top airline companies in Iran, we will become familiar with the country’s first airline company. The company is Iran’s oldest airline.

Airline Name: Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines, Homa

The first and most reliable airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran is Homa Airlines, which started its activity in 1340. Iran Airlines (HMA) carries out services such as passenger transportation, cargo transportation, transportation of mail to and from the country.

The company was the first airline in the country to obtain the license to use giant aircraft in Iran. Iran Air is currently serving passengers on many domestic and foreign routes. The airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Homa, launched its flights using Douglas DC 3, DC 6, Vickers and Avroyurk and became fully-fledged IATA in 1964.

The airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with more than half a century of aeronautics, has 51 airplanes, with 41 international branches all over the world and 23 domestic branches, offering a variety of domestic and foreign flights serving passengers.


Mahan Airlines | Mahan Air

We will introduce the leading airlines of Iran with the second leading airline company in Iran. The company is the first private airline in the country. The activities of this complex began in the national arena with Tehran flights to Kerman and vice versa.

Airline name: Mahan

Mahan Airlines is the first private airline in the country, which was opened in Kerman in 1992. Mahan Airlines is one of the most reputable companies in the country’s aviation industry and has grown well in recent years and has been recognized as one of the safest Iranian airlines.

Mahan Airlines now serves 51 passengers and 3,300 employees on many domestic and international routes. One of the important missions of Mahan is the provision of high-quality services by a professional and trained team of pilots, hosts and crew members to international travelers.


Airlines Kish Air | Kish Air

Another prestigious airline company in Iran is Kish Air Airlines, which is one of the country’s private companies and belongs to the Kish Free Zone Organization.

Airline name: Kish Air

The Kish Air Company, with the aim of developing Kish Island activities, has been launched by communicating with the provinces of the country and connecting to the Gulf states. Kish Air is currently one of the IATA member companies and the first Iranian airline with the IOSA Aviation Safety Standard, with all the necessary international standards and standards.

One of the airlines operating in the Kish Air Company is Kish Airlines, which is one of the most sophisticated airlines in Kish.


Zagros Airlines | Zagros Air

The last company to be investigated by Iranian airline companies is Zagros Airlines, which is one of the best companies in Iran’s aviation industry.

Airline name: Zagros Air

The Zagros airline has been registered in the Arvand Free Zone, and at the beginning of the airline, it only had two Topolov aircraft. In the course of the development of the Zagros Airlines and in 2007, two other Boeing MD planes were added to the company’s airlines. In 2008, the first international flight of Zagros took place on the Tehran route to Damascus.


The Zagros Airlines currently has 21 aircraft, including Airbus 321, Airbus 320, Airbus 319 and Boeing MD, with over 3,400 seats ready for flight on all domestic and international routes. The company has been able to accommodate more than 3,000,000 passengers in one year, with a 35 percent increase in domestic and foreign and domestic flights and a 75 percent increase in passenger numbers.