During the Itinerary Visiting the Sabalan Mountain one of the magnificent of Iran Tourism Attractions is wonderful.
The legendary Sabalan Mountain is the third highest peak in Iran ecotourism. Silent volcano located in the west of Ardebil province.
At the mouth of the Sabalan peak, the volcanic lake is elliptical with an approximate depth of 40 meters. Lake Sabalan is the world’s tallest lake, unique in terms of lake science.
The water of the lake is frozen in most months of the year except July, August and September, and it is a result of melting snow.
The Sabalan area is a holy place in Iran History for natives, calling it the local dialect of Savalan . It is said that the grave of Zoroastrian Prophet is located near the lake Sabalan and below one of the slides.
This lake, along with its surrounding nature, is one of the most beautiful sights in the country. Visitors can climb to the Sabalan summit from this beautiful lake and watch the reflection of sunlight alongside an enjoyable natureand this is one of the amazing program in Iran Tour.
In the Sabalan area, there are other lakes with names such as Theor, At Goll, Mud Orb.
Sabalan has a variety of herbs, rocky cliffs, clear lakes, Alvares ski resort and natural mountain water with a variety of attractions that attract tourists with a variety of therapeutic, natural, sporting motives.
To visit the mountain lake complex of this area, from Ardebil to the asphalt road, first you go to Lahrud and then to the warm water of Qatour, and after two hours on the dirt road to this beautiful area in the north of the peak of Sabalan.
Having spent the night very pleasantly in your tents a little farther than warm water, you are ready to visit the lakes of the region on the second day of the morning. Take the road by car to the west, after half an hour behind the hillside, somewhat famous Shabil warm water came.
After reaching the warm water of Shabil, continue from the north side, and take a ride or walk through the hills of grass and flowers and wild tulips on the edge of the Shirvan valley. Go through the calcareous steep slopes.
After reaching the bottom of the valley, continue half an hour to the north while moving, with a beautiful view of the dwarf wand and the most striking shapes among the valley rocks.
On the third day of your program in Sabalan, go to the beautiful lake at the tip of Sabalan.
This time, with the help of a vehicle, you can move from the spa and after an hour on a bumpy road to the eastern shelter (shelter or, as you know, Husseinayi, known as the Holy Archipelago in the northeast of Sabalan)
After reaching the shelter and short rest at a height of 3600 meters, follow the path from the rocky steep slopes to the south and move at a height of 3800 meters to the west, go up the steep slope and climb up from above three hours The big and small cliffs will increase on the main Pollack of the summit, so every step of the height increases.
While the extreme cold weather burns on your cheeks (even in the middle of the summer), traverse one piece of the great snowy road, climb it from its steep slope, and reach the flat area, called the “Dashi Altar”, at an altitude of 4600 meters you will arrive.
After one and a half hours, it was smooth, you can stop here and refresh yourself and move. Suddenly you are in front of the beautiful Lake Sabalan at an altitude of 4,800 meters, covered by glaciers.
It will probably be cold, as always, even in the summer. Go to the lakeside. It’s so much Clean and clear. There is no longer a place to swim here. The air temperature is low. After relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Sabalan and the eye-catching area, stay at night for the ascent to the shelter, and end your third day’s program in the area.
Even though it’s likely to be a cold and stormy night, enjoying the mountain and its clean weather will compensate for all the hardships.
If you ran down the shelter to the east, then one and a half hours to the meadow of the” Gar Gar Balagh” , and from the south on a local path of a nomadic Pachob to a conical summit and completely earthy without any rock and stone named” Pishishic Boulaghy “, Align 3750 m high, pass through green, natural mounds which are quiet and calm .
After two hours of marching at the foot of the peak of Bulakchi’s hillside and its neck, you will reach the magnificent lake, called “Gomelly Gol”.
The lake has a remarkable area from the farthest to the top of the summit, with clear, clear water.
You can have a perfect day to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of Sabalan, so you can end your four-day program in the beautiful area of Sabalan and go back.