African in Iran

During Traveling to Iran Khartouran protect area is one of the amazing and wonderful site of Iran Attractions which attracts many Ecological Tourists every year. Kharturan National Park is located in Semnan Province and partly in Razavi Khorasan Province between Shahrood and Sabzevar.

Kharturan protect area is known as Africa, because from its suburbs to its mountains, widespread and rare wildlife and animals like:

Ahu and Pallas cat, birds like Houbra, Borzoi and Sargopeh, and reptile animals such as lizards, adders, Marigolds, Horned Serpent, and others.

But the wildlife masterpiece in this area is due to the presence of an Asian cheetah and an Iranian zebra. This beautiful eco system provides the best place for the rare animals and also for ecological tourism, so it is the wonderful one of Iran Attractions.

Asian cheetah is an extremely endangered species, of which less than 100 remains in the world, and is now found only in Iran, and one of its major habitats is Kharturan protect area.

Iranian zebras living in this area are exposed to other extinctions that are ecro and unlike other zebras are not striped. During Iran travel you can see this fantastic site.

All of these features have made Kharturan protect area one of the world’s most important tourist destinations for  its nature and wildlife. Many ecological tourists visit this natural site through their Iran Tour.

Night, silence, desert

The journey to Kharturan protect area is not limited to the observation of wildlife, Desert tourism and walking on the sand and enjoying the special desert space is another feature.

Tourists from different parts of the world and inhabitants of different environments and climates have long distances to experience the desert and come to areas like the Khartoun.

On the other hand, the nights of the desert full of stars are another world. Sky Desert, which looks closer to humans than anywhere else, and star observation can be the only reason for traveling to this area.

Every tourist, especially ecologists and ecological tourists, interested in travelling to the desert.

Stay in the desert

Kharturan, the plain of Touran one of the Iran Attractions is located 140 km south-east of Shahroud and on the road of Tehran-Mashhad.

Since the Khartoran area is considered an ecological tourism destination and is considered as the most important region of the Iranian eco-tourism, there are many canoe camping sites, as well as local people’s homes in the villages of this area, which can be used by nature enthusiasts.