Famous Iranian deserts

Mesr Desert

As Iran is a four-season country, every time of year it has many natural and wonderful places to visit. That is one of the masterpieces of Iran History.

Among many mountains, waterfalls, plains etc. Desserts are the most popular of Iran Tourism Attractions. Early of autumn is the best time to Travel to Iran, because you can visit the best monuments and natural places.

The Mesr Desert of is one of the most popular destinations amongst the desert tourists. Specially  Its night sky makes a dreamful night for you  by the fire in the cold weather of desert.

This desert is generally welcomed by astronomers and is more popular than other Iranian deserts.

Many believe that the village became more widely known after the movie “Far very far, close very close” by “Reza Mirkarimi”, part of which was built in the village of Mesr.

Perhaps you ask yourself where the Mesr Desert is.  “Mesr Desert ” is from the province of Isfahan. The Desert of Mesr is located 700 kilometers from Tehran and among the sandy soils of Iran’s central desert.

There are several tradition about the name of this village, most notably in this way:

A person named Joseph, who was from this village, dug deep into the water at the time of dehydration and goes to water, asking the residents to put the Mesr name in honor of Yusuf and his story in Egypt, and the people they also accept his respect.

The best time to travel to the Mesr desert is from mid-fall to late April. The Mesr Desert Tour price varies according to the accommodation and services provided.

 Maranjab Desert and its various and exciting recreations

Maranjab desert is another Iran Attractions of deserts which is  near Kashan.

The desert of Maranjab is considered to be the most desirable Iranian desert due to its low distance with Tehran (300 km) and its rich vegetation and animal cover despite its desert as well as the long sandy hills and beautiful night sky.

It is said that the root of Maranjab’s name is taken from the expression “man suffering from water”, since digging wells and aqueducts and reaching the stale water is difficult, and gradually this term has been changed to Maranjbar. Maranjab Desert is the “OFF Road Riders” of Iran.


The Desert of Khor and Bayanabek

This desert is located near the Mesr desert. The city of Khor and Biabanak reaches Yazd from the east and reaches Nayin from the west.

The eastern desert, with honeycomb shapes and sand dunes that come in various forms with wind blowing, as well as salt lake, are one of the tourist attractions in the area.

The main part of the city of “Khor” is a desert land with unique attractions of Iran Tourism Attractions.

At each point of the desert, there are large hills of puddles that are shaped by winds, each with a special name, such as “Rig Gen”, “Abbasid Flat” and …

Matin Abad Desert Camp

The Matin Abad Desert Camp will provide you with great facilities.

If you are an amateur and want to experience the desert experience, then the Matin Abad Desert Camp is the best choice for you as the first eco camp in Iran, located 10 kilometers south-east of Kashan.

In this campus, there are tents, as well as booths for lodging, which, unlike their desert caravansaries, are modern and new.

So, it’s much easier to experience such things as walking on slippery rays, staring in the night sky and camel racing.

Desert “ZardGah”

The “Zard Gah” desert, in 180 km from Tabas, is dubbed the lushest desert in Iran, and this greenery is owed to the foliage of this village. This unique desert attracts many tourists when they go to visit Yazd the oldest, desert city of Iran Attractions.

The village of “Zardgah” is a stepping village, and its attractions include a hot spring and a small pool for swimming.

Iranian Lute Desert

“kuluts” are burning lands free of any plant and animal life, which cannot even live on bacteria due to temperatures of around 70 ° C. The unique desert of the world, Lut desert , the best site for scientists to see and experiments its eco system, temperature and so on.

The world’s largest and most beautiful city, the Kulut Desert Lut, is a masterpiece of wind, soil and water. That all these characteristics made it as one of the most amazing Iran Tourism Attractions.

These natural structures are made by wind dancing in the desert, and humans do not have any effect on their construction, and they are still evolving due to permanent erosion.

Because of the lack of vegetable and animal life, these areas are all silent and peaceful, and the wind movement in the soft soils of the desert region has created a distant city like a large city with short and tall buildings.

Desert “Rig Zarrin”

At 40 km from the north of Bafqh, Yazd province, the wilderness of the Rig Zarrin or Moghan.

The desert is divided into two parts to the north and south by the heights passing through it, and the tiny hills will bring the best experience of stepping through the desert.

In the northern part of the desert, there are Haji Abad Zarrin highlands that have a northwest – southwest direction and the southwest part of the desert is covered with unique salt domes among   Iran Attractions.