During Iran Tour, you have many amazing experiences of this ancient country which has a lot of masterpieces in its Iran History. Alisadr cave is one of the main tourist attractions of Hamedan, which, along with other monuments such as the great poet “Baba Taher’s tomb”  and Ganjnameh, has introduced this city as one of the main destinations of Iran Tourism Attractions.

In these caves and icicles in the cave, there are natural statues which are like The eagle’s paw and the double-headed lion.

Some years ago, when the entire cave was not explored, some people said that the cave was endless; another group said that the cave started from Hamadan and was dragged to Arak and Kermanshah.

As a result, cavers decided to spend 11,000 and 200 meters in total. (Google Map location)

The people of the village of “Ali Sadr” and the surrounding villages, from ancient times, had discovered the cave and exploited it.

The first professional exploration and planning of the” Ali Sadr” Cave was held on October 5, 1972 by a team of 14 members of the Hamadan Mountaineering Board who were able to gather information on the water and equipped themselves to cross the lake, branches, and halls visit it differently and see the beauty and grandeur inside it that is now one of Iran Attractions.

They get the first information about the extent and depth of the lake and the length, depth, and depth of the cave.

Despite the publication of this visit and subsequent visits, by the year 1352, the entrance of the  cavern was very narrow and small only about 50 centimeters and access to the cave was only possible by professional mountaineers; finally, the crater of the cavern developed in May of 1353, at a height of 5 meters and height 3 meters open.

In the following year, with concrete laying part of the cave floor, a dry route was also created for marching in the cave. Then, by equipping the cave with several boats and lighting its interior, on May 4, 1355, Alisadr Cave was used and print the tour tickets which were delivered to Hamedan Physical Education Department. And in this way, this amazing cave became one of the other Iran Attractions.

Success in the development and introduction of the cave was to the extent that encouraged the king to visit the cave on October 5, 1955, which stipulated that in addition to the national electricity connection to Alisadr and the surrounding villages and access roads to the cave, the establishment of a tourism guest house in the village of Ali Sadr.


Rowing in the cave

What distinguishes the Alisadr Cave from the other caves in the world is the easy use of the water channels within it, which, due to its great size, can easily be traversed there and passed through ordinary boats from within them. The cave area has twin corridors and several canals.

From a series of waters, a large lake has been created inside the cave, and thus penetration into the cave depths is possible only by boat.

According to this report, there are many faults or cracks in the field of Ali Sadr. Between 3-2 faults per meter. In addition, a number of funnel holes are observed at intervals of 1-2 meters, both of which facilitate the rapid penetration of surface water.

In addition, the height of water in the Alisadr Cave reaches the deepest point to 14 meters.

Alisadr Caves Aesthetics:

Alisadr Cave is one of the most beautiful natural fronts of Iran History and the world, and its unique phenomenon is unique in many respects, due to the continuous blue waterways and spacious boats lined across the cave. Only in a few countries, there are such astonishing beauties from the caves of the world like the Cave of Mollis in France and the Knights of Buccaneers in Australia.

The natural structure of the Alisadr Cave has caused some formations to be made without human intervention. There is a stone in the part of the cave, which is like an eagle’s paw and  In the other part of the cave, there is a stone that looks like the name of God.

Many parts of the cave have come in many shapes, such as a two-headed lion, a pigeon, a reversible boat, or another part of the cave, which is a grape cluster. There are some other stones that are very similar to cauliflower; they are so natural that you feel are really cauliflower. ”

In addition to the beauty of the Alisadr Cave, one of the Iran Tourism attractions of this amazing place, the air-conditioned climate of this area also has a great influence on attracting travelers.

The water of the cave is colorless and inodorous, and its taste is normal, and there is no animal life. The temperature of the cave is fixed throughout the year, at about 12 degrees centigrade and is so clear that its depth of 10 meters with ordinary light and the human eye well seen.

The results of the physical and chemical tests show that it is close to each other in different parts of the cave, and is close to neutral calcium carbonate bicarbonate water, and because of the presence of calcareous calcium in the water, this is not drinkable water.

Since the cave water surplus is guided to the outside of the cave by various springs like (Shour spring), so the water level during the seasons and years is different, except in the case of low water, but in the case of water scarcity, there are instabilities that its sign is clearly visible and can be noticed on the walls of the cave.