Camping is an outdoor accommodation for travelers who want to use a tent or campers. We offer a variety of adventure tours that can be combined with hiking, mountaineering, fishing and astronomy.

Black Tent with Nomads

If you like a very traditional or rural lifestyle, you can try a nomad’s tour where you can live with Qashqai nomads for a few days.

Traditional houses and boutiques

This type of accommodation has recently become popular with foreign tourists. If you want to get in touch with Iranian culture and learn about the lifestyle of Iranian families

Hotel Apartment

Hotel Apartment is a serviced apartment offering a variety of facilities, including Kitchen, when visiting Iran with your family.

Guest Houses or Hostels

Two Star Hotels or below are classified as cheap accommodations. They offer poor service and are different from guest Houses in European and American countries.


  Hotels are ideal for those who prefer well-equipped accommodation. There are different types of hotels, including 3-star hotels, 4-star hotels, and 5-star hotels. A wide range of guest services are available, most of which have access to historic sites.