Compliment (Taarof)

During your Travel to Iran, the first thing that you notice is Iranians’ Kindness and politeness (compliment=Taarof).

No culture, such as Iranian culture, has any admiration and affection and this is because of Iran History.

Since Iran has always been a rich country and with a history of several thousand years, human beings are keen on the popularity and hospitality of many people. This is also one specialty of Iran Attractions.

On the other hand, according to Orientalists, since generally the Eastern culture has traditionally dominated its material aspect by its spiritual aspects.

Respect for friends, strangers and others in all of the ancient cultures of the East, such as China, India, Japan, and so on, and this is part of their culture, and yet it is still visible.

However, over time and the impact of the economy on their whole life, Iranian culture has changed to somewhat. But there is a prevailing view that if we deal with others very rigorously, we are disrespectful to them. It shows that is a part of Iran History.

Therefore, the use of affectionate words for Iranians is of particular importance.

The words that the poetry world has laid down to express their love and kindness to others as sympathetic as possible.

As Ferdowsi, the great Persian language poet has never used ugly words in all his thirty thousand poems.

It can also be said that perhaps the Iranians may have learned to compliment (Taarof) the poetry of the early poets, through Iran History.

Since Iranian poets have often been poets in the courtiers, throughout their centuries, their language as a language of intellectual and political elites has gradually penetrated the words and phrases of the people in the street.

Of course, contemporary thinkers believe that with the gradual decline of classical literature in the present century and the birth and spread of modern literature based on linguistically simpler language, gradually decreasing the degree of compliments (Tarrof) in comparison with the past century.

Considering all these discussions, compliments (Tarrof) in Iran are a sign of respect and politeness, and only for the sake of admiration, attention, and respect, and nothing else.