Ali-Qapu Palace

The Supreme Ali Qapu Palace, a unique example of the architecture of the Safavid palaces, and the most interesting square in the world. It is one masterpiece of Iran Attractions.

In the early eleventh century AH (between 971 and 977 solar years), after the transfer of the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan. It was made under the command of Shah Abbas I in Isfahan.

And the Safavid king welcomes the ambassadors and great figures of magnificence in Ali Qapu.

This palace has 6 floors, each floor has special decorations. The Supreme Ali Qapu Palace continued during five stages of architecture and during the successors of Shah Abbas I, especially Shah Abbas II and Shah Solomon, between 70 and 100 years.

The magnificent Ali Qapu was the central gateway to the entrance of all the palaces built during the Safavid period of Iran History in the area of Naghsh-e- Jahan Square.

The Supreme Ali Qapu is composed of two words” the great and Qapu”, which together mean “high head” or “high door”.

The magnificent Ali Qapu monument  during Iran Tour  attracts many tourists from all over the world .It has a  height of 36 meters to the floor of the market  and it has been the tallest mansion of several floors in recent decades in Isfahan.

The Supreme Palace of Ali Qapu, due to architectural additions and extensions, is different and amazing  in every way, so that from the front of the palace you see just 2nd floor building, from behind the 5-story building, from the sides  it is shown as the 3-story building, including the ground floor as the first floor, although it is a 6 floors- building totally.