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Tourist Guesthouse

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Tourist Hotel in Neyshabur is a two star hotel located in the central part of this city. In order to provide better services and get in line with the latest standard of this industry, the hotel got fundamentally renovated in 2015. There are 13 residential units with different capacities and sizes so guests could choose from based on their numbers and needs. The private parking space inside the hotel will secure you’re the safety of your car. The tomb of Khayyam and Attar are in a close distance to this hotel and are easily reachable. Travelling to Neyshabur, do not forget to visit the wooden village, a village with a special mosque which is a unique experience, the minarets are designed in a way that there would be no need for having a column inside this mosque. Ghadamgah remaining from Safavid era is another attraction in this district.

√ High-speed Internet

√ Dry Cleaning/Laundry Service

√ Free Breakfast

√ Restaurant in Hotel

√ Taxi Center

√ Traditional Restaurant

√ Parking Space in the Hotel

√ Praying Room

√ Toilet Seat

√ Squat Toilet

√ Bathtub in Some Rooms

√ Hair dryer

√ Refrigerator


√ Wi-Fi Internet

√ Radiator

√ Bathroom

√ Shower

√ Iron

√ Ironing Board

√ Toilet Table

√ Electric Kettles

√ Free Tea Bag and Instant Coffee in Room

Type of home: Guest House

Province: Razavi Khorasan

City: Neyshabur

Regional Municipality:

Regional Municipality:

Year of construction:

Year renovated:

Number of rooms: 13

Number of beds:

Number of: 1

Parking capacity: 15

Room delivery: 14:00

Room evacuation: 12:00

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Tourist Guesthouse Neyshabur, Iran

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